AKA Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino / 1972, 102 Min. / Directed By Lucio Fulci / Anchor Bay
Entertainment / Reg. 0 SS-SL NTSC DVD / 2.35:1 (16:9) / DD1.0 / Rel 5-30-2000 / MSRP 29.95





A serial killer with an unknown agenda is slowly murdering a group of young boys in a small Italian village. Both the police and press people from the big city descend upon the village in search of the killer. Is it the town idiot? The local witch doctor? Wherever reporters show up, so does a vicious mob of townspeople who enforce their own code of vigilante justice. Maybe it's the sexy young girl from the city with a questionable alabi (Barbara Bouchet)? What follows is a well-executed Giallo that suggests Fulci's talents beyond simple gore and zombie films.

This is probably my favorite Lucio Fulci film besides The Beyond. Composer Riz Ortolani turns in another great  score, and the photography really gives one the sense of this small town that's been bypassed by the huge concrete interstate which looms over it. This film along with it's predecessor Lizard With Women's Eyes established Fulci as a major player in the "Giallo" style of film, and it established Fulci in my mind as being a serious filmmaker. I think that anyone who considers Lucio Fulci to be a hack should check out Don't Torture a Duckling and see if they still feel the same.Up until very recently, about the only way to experience this film was through a grainy, cropped Dutch (?) release. This review was written based on my multi-generational copy of this very poor release. had non-english subtitles and was presented in around 1.66:1. Anchor Bay to the rescue! They just released a beautiful dvd release, presented uncut in the full 2.35:1 original aspect ratio. I just got this release, and, well to say the least the image improvement over my old dub is incredible! Some of the shots are so incredibly crisp and clear, as if filmed yesterday! A beautiful release


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