Directed by David Winters


A crazy fat slob of a New York Cab driver Joe Spinell is big horror fan, so big in fact that the first scene shows him masturbating in a packed movie theater to some chick getting murdered in a hot tub in the film! Joe decides to travel to the Cannes Film Festival in hopes of getting a big hollywood scream queen (Caroline Munro) to star in his own strange little film. When Munro and her people spurn Joe, strange voices begin to talk to Joey and Mr. Maniac starts chopping people up.
This film is almost a companion piece to Maniac, since it uses the two principals from the former picture (Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro) and some of the themes of insanity and isolation seem to overlap between the two films but in this one it's a far gentler compared to raw fury of the earlier film. Director Winters also uses that same kind of wacky interior monolgue from Maniac to great effect in this film. Basically this movie is a much broader, more hollywood-type lampoon of Maniac with the requite gore, a nice twist ending and some 80's synth pop tunes thrown in. And since most of the film is set at the Cannes, there's tons of real crazy journalists, filmmakers and nude people running about all over.
The most-commonly available videotape version in the US is the Media Home Video release, and besides what appears to be the video insertion of a huge title card at the beginning of the tape (announcing to the audience that this REALLY IS The Last Horror Film, since the actual title sequence is slightly ambiguous) the tape appears to be relatively uncut. Unfortunately the video transfer is standard Media Home Video 80's crap: dark and murky, but generally watchable. Troma recently re-released this film on dvd under the title "FANATIC."

The Media pre-record is also macrovision-encoded, so if you want a personal copy of The Last Horror Film you might need to either go for the dvd orconvince the local video store to sell you their copy. Just get crazy on 'em until they relent.

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