Writtern by Gianfranco Clerici and Dardano Sacchetti / Directed by Lucio Fulci / Anchor Bay Ent. 2-22-2002 / Single-Sided Single Layer NTSC Reg. 0 DVD / 2.35:1 (16:9) /DD Mono / MSRP $29.98  

  A killer who sports a strange "Donald Duck" voice is at work in N.Y., cutting up any pretty girl he/she might come across. Could it be the Detective investigating the case? The professor assigned to studying the killer's pattern? The grindhouse gigolo who goes by the name of "Mikis Scalenda" (Italian Genre Vet Howard Ross)? Maybe even a woman who supposedly escaped the grasp of the killer? All of the red herring are systematically excluded, included, and then sometimes murdered in this sleazy little film where the highlight of the piece is a graphic scene featuring a very special "bottle torture" with Anthropophagus' Zora Kerova.
While this film isn't Fulci's masterpiece, it's not as bad as some would make it out to be. It's a shame that most people get a bit turned-off by some of the seedier stuff and never get to see the pay-off to all the stranger elements like the Donald Duck voice. And what is this thing Fulci had with Donald Duck? So far I've seen two Lucio Fulci films (Don't Torture a Ducking, NY Ripper) where a DD doll plays some sort of pivotal role in the story.

And then's there's the violent deaths, probably some of the most graphic in the Fulci cannon. Women are sliced and diced in more ways than the average person can imagine. POV throat slitting and on-the-fly dissections (from the vagina all the way up to who-knows where with a scalpel) abound. Since this film does not possess a supernatural setting, these down and dirty slasher effects are pretty vicious.

  For the longest time, the only way US release was an old Trimark VHS. While not being extremely cut, this version can get a bit murky in some scenes and it's pan and scan, which is a shame since the film was shot in full 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. A (European) company by the name of Professional Cine Media released a beautiful widescreen laserdisc in 1994 and there was also a legitimate VHS release made from the same elements.

Anchor Bay recently released a fairly definitive version on DVD that beats the image quality of the older Cine Media transfer.



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