While drifting along on a romantic boat ride with her School Teacher Henry (Fabio Testi), Elizabeth (Cristina Galbó). see something happening on the shore. It's too sketchy to make out. Someone running for her life. The glint of a blade. Nothing concrete. Later Testi hears a radio report of a murder at the lake and returns to investigate, where he is photographed by the press and drawn futher into the growing string of murders, all of them who are young schoolgirl's from Testi's Catholic School and involved in some kind of incident which occured involving a mysterious figure named "Solange." Testi along with his wife search out the return killer before the police or the School's board of directors ruin his future.

While Solange is not quite up to the level of some of Dario Argento's more innovative work, Dallamano certainly pulls enough punches to keep the film moving at a brisque pace. The movie is also blessed with an incredible score by Ennio Morricone and stylish cinematography by Aristad Massacessi, the real name of infamous director Joe D'Amato (who also has a small cameo in the film as a police detective). Testi also gives a strong peformance as the school teacher who no woman can refuse, even his proper school teacher wife who forgives him after she learns of his affair with his student! That's dedication. Massimo followed this film up with another picture which revolved around the theme of sordid schoolgirl murders, What Have They Done to Our Daughters?.

Considering the great work which companies like Synapse and Anchor Bay have done with films of this period, EC's effort is sub-par. The word around is that transfer on this disc was taken from an old PAL master. Letterboxed at roughly 1.85:1, the transfer is not anamorphic and appear somehow cropped from the film's original theatrical aspect ratio of around 2.35:1. Blacks are greyish and muddy and compression artifacts are visible in a number of scenes. The DD 2.0 Mono soundtrack accurately represent the dialogue and Morricone's score but it's simply adequate. The meager extras include theatrical trailers forThe Black Cat and Stagefright (two other movies released by EC) as well as a small gallery of poster and video cover images.


AKA What have they Done to Solange? / Directed by Massimo Dallamano / EC Entertainment / SS-SL Reg. 0 NSTC DVD / 1.85:1 / DD Mono / Rel 2000 / MSRP $29.99



Violent Giallos were the latest draw in late-60's/ early 70's Italian film, and one of the best of them had to be Massimo Dallamono's loose adaption of German writer Edgar Wallace's work, What Have They Done to Solange? The European company EC Entertainment has released a satisfactory but flawed Solange dvd which will satisfy long-time admirers while drawing a whole a new generation of eurocult fans.











































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